A Look at Perceptive Software's New Lenexa Home

MetroWire Media  |  Real Estate News  |  March 13, 2015

Perceptive Software opened the doors to its newest 240,000-square-foot LEED certified home in Lenexa in summer of 2014. The tech company wanted to construct a building for itself that would bring a walkable, outdoor urban feel to the heart of Lenexa City Center.

The most stunning part of the two-tower building is arguably its massive 90-foot-tall atrium made mostly of glass, which houses a connecting bridge between the two buildings. In the heart of its atrium sits a large 579-block sculpture which brings to life Perceptive's story in a visual manner, according to its local designer Dimensional Innovations. In fact, the inspiration for the 579 blocks in the design came from Apple cofounder and Perceptive Software friend Steve Wozniak, who selected that number because it is made up of three consecutive odd integers that add up to 21, a number in the Fibonacci sequence frequently used by mathematicians and engineers.

"The sculpture echoes the benefit Perceptive Software brings to its customers, taking unstructured content and data and turning it into something more structured and manageable," according to Melanie Bellinger, assistant property manager at Copaken Brooks.

The building also boasts a café on its ground floor where employees have 24/7 access to healthy, organic food and Starbucks beverages. It's also the end-point of a two-story slide that Perceptive brought with it from its previous building and had installed.

The tech company's new home also boasts a state-of-the-art data center with raised floors, secured access, and top-of-the-line servers, storage and security. A wellness center provides on-site sick and well care as well as disease and health coaching for all employees. Most services are free to employees or have a significantly lower cost. It's even got a massage therapist that provides free 15-minute sessions to employees every month.

Perhaps the most entertaining area of the building is the site of one of Perceptive's longstanding traditions: dodgeball. Each year, Perceptive hosts three dodgeball tournaments, including an intracompany tournament for employees. This year, it will add Corporate Challenge to its roster of games. The space includes an original score board from Allen Fieldhouse and provides a space for employees to do yoga, crossfit and pilates classes, ping pong, foosball, basketball, and Corporate Challenge training. Perceptive sometimes uses the space for team building events as well

Each floor of the building is equipped with break rooms which provide employees with "Perceptive Blend" coffee from The Roasterie.

Perceptive was built with sustainability in mind, and is LEED Certified for New Building Construction, which is awarded for the company's material and design decisions. The flooring, for example, is marmoleum, a recyclable, sustainable version of linoleum which does not need to be polished or waxed, removing the need to use environmentally unfriendly chemicals and cleaners. Its western-facing windows are also made from fritted glass, which reduces UV rays better than blinds and creates a more energy efficient building by allowing for consistent heating and cooling

n designing its new building, Perceptive took a collaborative approach to employee workspaces, with low walls, centrally located offices, and white noise throughout to keep noise levels down. Because of the shared workspaces, the design provides 75 conference rooms and more than 70 enclaves to meet workers' meeting space needs. Four types of conference rooms include either full video conferencing, presentation monitor or a smart board, or Jabber-based video conferencing.

Perceptive also incorporated four "mother's rooms," as well as hoteling stations for employees who travel 75 percent of the time. Two recording studios are used by the sales and services training teams to record internal training videos. Two state-of-the-art training rooms provide training classes for customers to come in and learn how to use Perceptive software products.

The elevators were also chosen with an eye toward sustainability. Designed by KONE EcoSpace, the elevators do not have a machine room, which eliminates the need for a machine or control room by attaching the hoisting machine to guide rails and placing the controller within the confines of the hoistway. The efficiency created is three times of a hydraulic power unit and uses 70 percent less energy, a savings that represents half or more of the annual cost of elevator operation.

Perceptive also has a 233-seat auditorium where it holds all-employee team meetings once a month. The room is outfitted with built-in acoustics as well as technology that lets it stream the meeting to all other conference rooms in the building and other office locations around the globe.

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