Copaken Brooks Welcomes Perceptive Software to City Center Lenexa

The Perceptive Software corporate headquarters campus is the newest addition to the City Center Lenexa project, and Perceptive Software leads by example in this community development master plan. The 240,000 square foot project was designed according to Perceptive’s specific vision for its new headquarters, including unique features and non-traditional spaces that help create a work/play atmosphere in tandem with the walkable, urban feel of the development.

The Project

Situated at the southwest quadrant of 87th Street Parkway and Renner Boulevard, City Center Lenexa has added over 630,000 square feet – and over 10,000 employees, fitness club members, and residents – to the western half of Lenexa over the past four years

Copaken Brooks joined with the City of Lenexa to undergo an extensive visioning and design process for the development. The result was a partnership that produced an approved conceptual plan, a special zoning district, tax increment financing, and most importantly, development ready sites. Through this partnership, they have created what will become Lenexa’s new downtown – a new urban/suburban style development that represents the leading edge of how mixed use projects are conceived and created.

Perceptive Software

Perceptive Software was ready to expand its headquarters, and its parent company, Lexmark, could have elected to move Perceptive’s headquarters anywhere in the metro area or even to Lexington, Kentucky near Lexmark’s HQ. The unique public-private partnership forged by the city and Copaken Brooks allowed Copaken Brooks to quickly respond to Perceptive’s physical needs, as well as their cultural and company vision, with a winning solution including the right incentives, infrastructure, and a site that was ready to break ground.

Laying this groundwork ahead of time proved to be a pivotal factor in Perceptive Software’s decision to locate its headquarters in City Center Lenexa. A shovel-ready development opportunity was presented to accommodate the 240,000 square foot headquarters requirement with room for future growth and expansion. Perceptive had a specific vision for its new headquarters, and City Center Lenexa emerged as the best solution for them – an ideal location that could be delivered quickly.

“We have found Copaken Brooks to be an excellent development partner that understood our wants and needs for the continued growth of Perceptive Software,” said Steve Davis, Director Corporate Real Estate, Lexmark International.“Their team was instrumental in helping us obtain the approvals and development incentives to achieve our vision for Perceptive Software’s headquarters campus.”


With the opening of Perceptive Software’s Corporate Headquarters Campus adjacent to the existing 112,000 square foot Lifetime Fitness facility, along with the upcoming Saint’s Pub+Patio and The Domain at City Center (a 200-unit high-end apartment project), City Center has transformed Lenexa’s presence in the Kansas City metro.

Planning and design is under way for new mixed use and single use buildings that will continue to add to City Center as a first class business center, retail and recreational destination, and luxury residential environment. A state-of-the-art Civic Center, which will include local and county government functions as well as Lenexa City Hall, is also in design and scheduled for construction in 2016. “The vision our community has is becoming a reality,” said Eric Wade, City Administrator, City of Lenexa. “A sense of place and the feeling of vibrancy are an essential part of City Center.”

“The fun and challenging part about developing a mixed use project is the need and ability to appeal to a number of users who are looking for unique, memorable, and forward-thinking environments where they can attract and retain the next generation of their workforce,” said Keith Copaken, developer and Principal at Copaken Brooks.

Perceptive Software’s choice affirmed City Center Lenexa as a premier and emerging mixed use development. It is further validation of the value of the public-private partnership’s investment in the area and infrastructure, and has spurred additional surrounding development. A number of hotels, office users, and retailers are in discussions to locate here, as City Center Lenexa continues to become a destination of choice as a development with an around-the-clock synergy throughout the work week and beyond – a place to work, play, and live.

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