Meet John Coe: Trusted CRE Advisor

Have a CRE question? Ask John Coe.

If there is one word to describe John Coe, it’s ‘trusted.’ In his 20-plus year career, he has earned the trust and respect from both clients and colleagues alike.

Going all the way back to high school, John knew commercial real estate was his calling. “I went to meet with people who I looked up to that were in commercial real estate. I liked it and found it interesting, so I always knew I’d go into it,” he said. His career started after college as a real estate appraiser where he eventually took the leap into 100-percent commissioned sales. He joined Bucky Brooks, principal at Copaken Brooks, and the pair have worked together ever since.

Throughout his career, John has been involved with all aspects of commercial real estate, including corporate services, tenant representation, and landlord representation in office and industrial properties. Along the way, his biggest driving factor – especially when business was slow during the recession – was knowing there was always something else coming down the line if he worked hard. As a Kansas City native, he enjoys working in the Midwestern region, but he has worked on large deals in places like Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

“It can seem intimidating working with brokers in New York City,” said John. “If you’re direct and professional with them, they will be the same back at you. The most successful brokers there are very professional.” Which is something he strives for when working in any market for any client. Ultimately, his client secured space in Midtown Manhattan and John formed an ongoing relationship with the broker who represented the landlord in the deal. He even secured an invite to a brokers’ event in NYC where participants roasted other brokers while enjoying one of the city’s finest steakhouses.

With John’s varied experience and professionalism comes client trust in his ability to provide the best service and decision-making possible. “I’ve earned their trust,” he said. “I love getting calls from clients who won’t make a decision – no matter how big or small – without my input. There’s no greater compliment than a client telling a friend or colleague ‘ask John Coe’.”

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